Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Universe From Nothing

Terrific lecture by Lawrence Krauss, who gives you the science behind what we now know best about the universe and throws a few zingers in along the way to keep it light. One of the major arguments for the existence of god is why do we have something rather than nothing? If we have something, that should imply a cause and creator. They then take this creator argument to further plug their particular doctrines and dogmas. Through science and equations and testable predictions we now know that the very universe we live in couldn't have had a creator, that we did actually come from "nothing" and here's how:

This talk led him to write his new book, "A Universe From Nothing" which just came out, I believe, and should go more into detail at how we arrived at such an amazing conclusion.

Krauss is such a great speaker too, it's almost like he's not even using a slideshow, that he could just go on and on about this stuff and keep you entertained. These are my favorite living scientists, with respect to the contributions to their fields and how they make science approachable to everyone... my current favorite science ambassadors:

1. Neil Degrasse Tyson
2. Lawrence Krauss
3. Brian Cox
4. Jerry Coyne
5. Brian Greene
6. Michio Kaku
7. Phil Plait

If only they had scientist action figures! Who are your favorite scientists and why???

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