Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Evolution is "Only a Theory"

Theory is a word that gets thrown around a lot by many apologists as a way to discredit science or as a means to create doubt, but many don't understand the way the term is used when referencing a scientific area as opposed to something someone just thought up.

A theory, in the parlance of our pop-culture, is regarded more as an idea or a hypothesis, an untested opinion. A theory in the scientific world, such as the theory of evolution or theory of gravity or relativity, is regarded as a principle or a law, one whose idea has been well tested, can be used reliably for predictions and is generally regarded as true until proven otherwise, it is about as close to a fact as anything can ever be. These are vastly different definitions for the same term, so one must be careful to review the evidence and testable predictions to understand when something is a "theory" by terminology only or a theory supported by a preponderance of evidence.

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