Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fallacy of Prophecy

Camping Sorry for Failed Apocalypse Predictions - KBOI2.com 10/31/11

With little fanfare this time around, Harold Camping's fantastic failure of the apocalypse came and went 10/21/11. Initially set for May 21, 2011, the date was quickly changed when he realized no one was, in fact, raptured. He offers the lame excuse below on his website along with his retirement. All mentions of the rapture dates have been removed from the family radio website along with the futures of the gullible followers who gave up everything they had to be ready for the end times. So sad. But in a way, i hope it opened some eyes to the ridiculous assertions of the christian faith that we should celebrate the world coming to a calamitous end. I think it brought increased scrutiny to absurd religious beliefs and I am grateful for that exposure, but now Camping needs to go away and not harm anyone anymore...

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